Ok, so you're finally ready to move forward and create your dream home but are not quite sure where to start?

Our process is simple.

Consult: Initial consultation (no charge) to discuss the details of your project (wants, needs, style, size, budget, and time frame).

Proposal: Fixed-fee style proposal that brings the entire project from start to finish. Our fee is not based on percentages or construction cost - all costs are known at the proposal phase.

Asbuilt: This phase is drawing the existing conditions of your home. A few employees spend 1-2 hours at the home taking measurements with a laser to ensure accurate drawings. (Typically 1-2 weeks)

Design: The fun part. We work through several options, both by hand and in the computer, that mix your wants and needs into separate design drawings. During this meeting, we discuss the benefits of each option while keeping the project on budget. (Typically 2-3 weeks)

Construction Drawings: Stamped Architectural Drawings including floor plans, elevations, sections, foundation, framing, details, etc. - everything needed for a building permit. (Typically 3-4 weeks)

If you would like to schedule a consultation for more information, you can reach us at our main office line: 781-246-0988 or email PSandorse@PhoenixArch.com

Examples of Design Sketches

Examples of 3D/Renderings